Manga Ketchup: Bleach and Kimi no Iru Machi

I present Manga Ketchup! Basically manga I just caught up on. Continue reading

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Every Anime Opening Ever Made

One of the most amazing videos I’ve seen. Epic head turn!

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Bakuman: Contemplating on the Anime

Hey all! Now I’ve been REALLY slow posting up Anime/Manga related posts due to school and being caught up in gaming. Plus I have that gaming blog I’ve been having fun with.

So I just want to do a quick post on Bakuman. Now the anime version came out this month and to be honest and truthful to you all I haven’t watched it…yet. But I have seen some screencaps from the show so I can somewhat get the feel of it.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’m a huge fan of manga. In my opinion, anime seems to have reduced the quality of the manga. It’s kind of like reading a book and then seeing the movie version of it and saying it kind of sucks.

We all know Takeshi Obata is such an amazing artist as you can see in the manga, Bakuman and Deathnote. The anime of course can’t do much justice to the his work. I read a bit of Air Gear and the animation was amazing. The anime version, not so much and I’m afraid that it might ruin my experience with Bakuman.

Since I haven’t actually had the time to watch an episode, I won’t make too many judgements. Once semester’s over, I am going to do a huge catch up with anime and manga and do some major blogging. Til then!

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Occult Academy Review

Hey everyone! I finally got around to finish Occult Academy and getting to writing this blog. Personally, I enjoyed this anime and it was practically one of the two that I watched this season. Again, if you haven’t finished the series, don’t continue since there will be spoilers. Continue reading

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High School of the Dead Season 1 Review

Alright if you haven’t known, episode 12 of High School of the Dead was released today and is the final episode of season 1. If you haven’t watched it yet I suggest you don’t read this because I might drop some spoilers. So basically, I wanna give a review on the first season. Just some of my overall thoughts on the how HOTD. Continue reading

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Defending Planet Reach as a Spartan

Halo Reach

So I got Halo: Reach the day it came out which was on September 14. Today I finally finished the game but I only played it on normal so I can get the campaign done as soon as possible and get through the story.

I absolutely loved the game. It had an amazing storyline that kept me going, great cinematography and a fresh gameplay.

So this post will just me my likes and dislikes, and some fave bosses, etc. It’ll just be like my post on Resistance 2. Continue reading

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Occult Academy Recap: After 10 Episodes

Hello all! I’m back again and going to do a recap of Occult Academy 10 episodes in. Now I won’t be going episode by episode and say what happened in each one, but go through each event and give a little summary with as little spoilers as I feel like it.

After 10 episodes, the main story honestly seems to be going nowhere. So far, it’s mostly been sidestories of strange events that Maya and her friends get themselves into, mostly because Maya thinks these weird events are related to Nostradamus’ key. However, these stories are really entertaining and is always a fun and heartwarming watch.  Continue reading

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